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Akeso, the Greek Goddess of Healing and our namesake. Health, wellness and performance, these are the cornerstone of what make our company tick and the reason we began Akeso – the pursuit of these functions.

As an Australian owned and operated company we strive to support both athletes and everyday citizens. We source and supply premium organic CBD products to our customers so that they may excel in any arena, sporting or life.

Our products originate in Europe, organically grown and stringently tested both overseas and here at home in Australia. You can be confident that in taking Akeso products you are taking only the best ingredients available, free from chemicals and contaminants.

Whatever your health goals, athletic based or general wellness, Akeso will support your journey.

As athletes, we understand it is imperative to have confidence in the supplements you take that support your career. Confidence they work with your body, helping you push further in training and recover faster at home, but also confidence there is no risk in gaining that competitive edge and failing testing protocols. Akeso Perform is guaranteed 0% THC, unlike most CBD products that contain trace amounts.

For those customers not regulated by athletic testing protocols and looking for a general wellness product, Akeso’s CBD products are also for you. We empower all our clients through the far reaching power of CBD; relieving aches and pains, alleviating stress, assisting with sleepless nights and more.
Akeso stands for quality and health, we look forward to providing value in your chosen arena. 

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